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1/10/2012, 18:37
Αντέχεις 1 μήνα???

Thai Yoga Massage is a unique, dynamic treatment that combines pressure, gentle stretches and Yoga breathing techniques. It is performed on a special mattress and applied over the clothes. The therapist predominantly uses palms, thumbs, feet and elbows, in order to activate the main energy lines and engages your body with flowing movements based on smooth Yoga stretching exercises. It is an experience of internalization, effective in easing stiff joints and releasing muscle tension and toxins, which are often accumulated in the human body.
It helps the body maintain flow of energy, since it unlocks energy barriers and helps breathing and blood circulation. Furthermore, it improves flexibility, reduces stress and aligns the body. Thai Yoga Massage is also effective for enhancing body self-awareness and the sense of general well-being.


  • The cost for one session (lasting 50 minutes) is 46 euros - book yours now at 210-6186050. 
151 Mesogeion St. 151 26 Paradeisos Amarousiou Sports Τ 210 61 86 050 F 210 61 86 055 E