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1/10/2012, 18:37
Αντέχεις 1 μήνα???


Dais invites you and your friends to play basketball in our two outdoor courts. As, a member of the Gold, Blue, Member and Morning Zone packages you can train and develop your  basketball skills during the Dais member hours.


Football 5-a-side

Our Athletic Center offers the opportunity for your team to compete for the Dais Championship. You can also, compete in friendly games or train for our Championship.



In our outdoors facilities you can find two European standards volleyball courts where you and your friends can play one of the most dynamic and fastest growing sports.



Our 200-meter running track has the ideal balance between the needed dynamic response for a complete running experience and the appropriate cushioning system for shock absorption and athlete safety – the perfect solution for an outdoors activity!!


In addition, we provide locker rooms and all essentials equipment for the team sport of your choice.

151 Mesogeion St. 151 26 Paradeisos Amarousiou Sports Τ 210 61 86 050 F 210 61 86 055 E