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1/10/2012, 18:37
Αντέχεις 1 μήνα???

MODERN DANCE 4-12 years


Dance is not just an exercise but also a form of creation and expression. Dance helps us understand the body functions, studying the way it moves and stands, so we can realize why it is so important to treat it accordingly and maintain a good physique. In Dais ‘Modern Dance class’ we teach our young ones to express themselves through music and a variety of body movements, always according to the techniques and principles of Modern Dance.


The technique followed is based on the English system of I.S.T.D. (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing), which combines strength exercises for the body’s posture by using different kinds of modern music the class is enriched with improvising exercises and games based on different quality movements.


Lastly, we prepare choreographies which are presented at the end of the year, giving the chance to the students to demonstrate their progress in front of a live audience, their parents!!    


151 Mesogeion St. 151 26 Paradeisos Amarousiou Sports Τ 210 61 86 050 F 210 61 86 055 E