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1/10/2012, 18:37
Αντέχεις 1 μήνα???

YOUNG MEMBERS 4-12 years

Our 45-minute-classes take place three times a week. The overall duration of the program reaches from the begginig of September until the 30th of June and are being held in our Olympic sized 25-metre-long pool (water temperature: 26,5-28 degrees Celsius).


Daily schedule:

a) Monday – Wednesday - Friday

b) Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday (morning)


Lesson hours:

a) 16:30-17:15, b) 17:30-18:15, c) 18:15-19:00

Every period includes classes of all swimming levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

At the end of each lesson period we host swimming exhibitions with a final award ceremony where we give out memorabilia to the children for their participation in the program. 


151 Mesogeion St. 151 26 Paradeisos Amarousiou Sports Τ 210 61 86 050 F 210 61 86 055 E